7 days, 6 flights

  1. On Thursday night last week, I departed for Paris.
  2. On Friday evening, I headed home to Regensburg.
  3. On the following Sunday evening, I departed again for Timisoara, Romania.
  4. On Monday evening, I departed Timisoara for Iasi, Romania.
  5. Early Wednesday morning, I’ll depart Iasi for Timisoara.
  6. A little later Wednesday morning, I’ll depart Timisoara for Munich.

And then I get to back to work for a day and a half before heading into vacation. I am already pretty tired of traveling though, and I’m only two-thirds through it!

6 thoughts on “7 days, 6 flights”

  1. Carrie

    You can do eet! You’re going to need a new passport with all the travelling.

  2. Cliff

    Fortunately, you can get inserts into your passport to make room for new stamps (and I did get one when I landed in Timisoara Sunday night). Thanks Kim (if you’re reading this) for schooling us on that point; otherwise we’d probably have requested and paid for another set of passports…not cheap!

  3. H-Bizzle

    Maybe you will be like Madonna and Angelina Jolie and come home with some orphan children…

  4. Cliff

    Only without my knowledge!

  5. Carrie

    But they’re so in vogue right now. Every celebrity’s accessory.


  6. Tammy

    You gotta watch out for those orphans, they are tricky little buggers.

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