Little Texas

The Joint

Stradela Moara de Vant 31
Iasi, Romania 700376
Phone: +40.232.272545 Fax: +40.232.272545

Oh my goodness. I never would have believed it, but this place has the best TexMex I’ve ever had in Europe. Bar none.

I am seriously thinking about trying out their hotel facilities on my next trip to Iasi instead of staying at the Hotel Unirea (my “usual” pad, you might say).

See you later this month, Romania

So, I just realized I haven’t posted while on this current trip yet. Here goes.

I would have taken some pictures, but like an idjit I forgot to transfer my camera to my carry-on baggage on the morning I departed (I run into trouble when it’s time to change jackets for the season, or when doing a luggage transition). It was a little hectic due to a habitual lack of preparedness on my part mixed with a dash reluctance to come back here. I like to travel, but like Bob Seger (yuck), I prefer that my travel agent/wife accompany me.

Oh well, I’ll be back here for an even longer stay in about 10 days. Even then, with a camera, I’m not sure there’ll be much to photograph. This town is pretty dreary. There’s potential all around (the town hall is lit up nicely at night), but the communist buildings (you can spot them with no trouble at all) really bring down an otherwise kind of charming town. Plus, I spend all the time I can in the office, not because I’m a Company Man® or whatever, but because I’ve got so much to teach these guys in the limited time I have with them. Anything I don’t cover thoroughly enough with them in person, I will have to teach them via telephone or NetMeeting from my office at home in Regensburg.

Tonight will be a late night at the office because their “local boss” (a guy I know from Regensburg who moved to Romania a couple years ago) is flying in tonight. Then it’s a **very** early flight tomorrow morning out to Timisoara where I change planes and head home to Munich, get picked up by the shuttle service, and conveniently dropped off at work in the afternoon for the remainder of a meeting where I’ll probably be hanged in effigy. Don’t want to miss that.