Little Texas

The Joint

Stradela Moara de Vant 31
Iasi, Romania 700376
Phone: +40.232.272545 Fax: +40.232.272545

Oh my goodness. I never would have believed it, but this place has the best TexMex I’ve ever had in Europe. Bar none.

I am seriously thinking about trying out their hotel facilities on my next trip to Iasi instead of staying at the Hotel Unirea (my “usual” pad, you might say).

One thought on “Little Texas”

  1. Cliff

    As it turned out, I got the chance to stay in the Little Texas hotel as well. The rooms were in bungalows and were quite American-styled — they got that part right.

    Sadly, the American breakfast I had so been anticipating left me hanging. Not good. This place is close to the airport, and the Tex-Mex dinners were nice, but those are advantages that would make me want to stay there again. Back to the Unirea, I guess.

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