The Crimson Commuter strikes again!

This is me taken at arms’ length just instead our apartment building today when I got home from work. It was a really unpleasant ride.

I know it looks like someone whited out my eyes from behind my glasses, but that’s not the case. The condensation gathered on my lenses apparently sent the flash drectly back into the lens.

Kinda cool, in a secret-identity-super-hero kind of way. Or, at least one good thing about my darn glasses fogging up all winter (hate that!).

the requisite snowy rooves post*

Well, winter’s here. No lingering doubt about it, anymore. Two days before yesterday, and people were still walking around outside without jackets (OK, those were the drunk kids coming out of the bar on our street, but still — even they are weather wussies, usually). The day before yesterday it got noticeably colder, and yesterday was downright bone-chilling. High temps well below freezing always do that, though — nothing new (for Sarah and me). I feel kinda sorry for all the grass that was still bright green yesterday afternoon.

Check out these two pictures I snapped this morning from our loft within one minute of each other (click ’em). The left one was with the “night scene” program set on the camera. It had an exposure time of 7 seconds (thank you, tripod!). The right one, I took with the “auto” program set, where the flash is used to try to provide enough light. Obviously, it didn’t work. But you can get an idea of how dark it *really* was when I snapped these two shots.

*This one’s for you, Susie.