The Crimson Commuter strikes again!

This is me taken at arms’ length just instead our apartment building today when I got home from work. It was a really unpleasant ride.

I know it looks like someone whited out my eyes from behind my glasses, but that’s not the case. The condensation gathered on my lenses apparently sent the flash drectly back into the lens.

Kinda cool, in a secret-identity-super-hero kind of way. Or, at least one good thing about my darn glasses fogging up all winter (hate that!).

5 thoughts on “The Crimson Commuter strikes again!”

  1. Mom

    Now that he has a costume, maybe he could have weekly adventures. Like saving a kitten, or rescuing an old man from a run-away bread cart, or other adventures that wouldn’t worry his mom.

  2. Cliff

    I sort of had one of those this evening. I was on my way home from work, stopped at an intersection and a little old man and a somewhat-younger-than-him-but-still-mom-aged woman on his arm approached me from the other side of the cross-walk. The woman was kind of staring at me, all decked out with my helmet, balaclava, gloves, head/tail lights, etc., and said:

    “I’m amazed!” [gesturing at my outfit and apparent tenacity].
    C: “Why, thank you!”
    SYTHBMAW: “Won’t be able to do this much longer, eh?”
    C: “Oh, I’ll ride all winter. Doesn’t bother me!”
    SYTHBMAW: “No!”
    C: “Sure, why not?”
    SYTHBMAW: “But take extra care,” [placing her gloved hand on mind, resting on the handlebars] “of you.”
    C: [solemnly] “I will, I promise. And of pedestrians.”
    SYTHBMAW: “Danke schön!”
    C: [pulling away as the light changes] “Schönen Abend noch!”

    It was really cute.

  3. Tammy

    Cool. I like the head gear. Be careful out there. Those snappy German dogs can be dangerous!

  4. Mom

    Grandma D. liked your picture! Do you have a logo on your garment? You could be C-3 (C cubed) for Clifford, the Crimson Comuter. I see some marketing possibilities in that…

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