Traditional Romanian dinner with our Romanian colleagues

Where are Camelia and Orhan?

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Got back yesterday from a three-day trip to Romania — this time with my boss (guess which one he is). It was a good trip, but a short one.

I think the next time I go — and I will be going regularly, apparently — I’d like it to be for at least a couple days. That helps justify the time lost in transit.

  • an hour on the way down to the airport
  • an hour spent getting checked in and frisked and waiting to board the plane
  • At least an hour and a quarter in transit to the first layover (Timisoara, Bucharest, or Vienna in that order of preference)
  • the layover
  • Figure an extra hour waiting in line with other screaming P.O.’d passengers at the baggage office in Iasi if you fly Austrian Arrows
  • and of course all the same time spent traveling in the reverse direction

Some might think that I could be working during all the downtime, but honestly — at least up until now — all my work stuff is entirely dependent on a network connection, and the company wouldn’t spring for a cellular modem for me. But maybe now that my guys in Iasi are making it possible to do work that’s more offline in nature (writing application specs, having meetings, choosing programmers, and I see a helluva lotta PowerPoint in future, at which I am really terrible), a bi-monthly trip might not be so bad (especially if I get that company mobile phone we’ve been talking about, and I can telco it up on my layovers).

It was quite nice to be able to take these people out to dinner for an evening of levity after having imposed on them four times since November 2005 for 2-5 days at a stretch (thanks, boss).

But I’m glad to be back home in Regensburg.

One thought on “Traditional Romanian dinner with our Romanian colleagues”

  1. Cristi

    Hi Cliff!
    It was a boring day in Iasi but after I found your blog page on and shared it with our team, the boring day changed into a good one.
    We are really delighted.
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!
    Many greetings from Iasi, Romania!!!

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