new phone for Cliff!

My new phone!This week, the company shelled out for me to get a mobile phone. It’s neat. Check it out by clicking on the picture.

I dig it. It’s Bluetooth-capable, so that means the Bluetooth USB card from my parents a few years ago means wireless connectivity between my phone and my computer(s). And that also means I can be one of those borgy-looking dudes in public places having conversations with people no one can see, thanks to the headset present from my inlaws. Or, as my boss pointed out, that means I can have conference calls from my bike on my commute into work (after all, the phone is intended for me to work even more productively). Maybe I should have kept that Bluetooth headset a secret.

It’s my first mobile phone with a contract since having moved to Germany, and that means big upgrades for me as a user. I can read PDFs with it, play music (even use my MP3s as ring tones), even stick one of those nifty micro-SD cards in it for expandable storage. Thanks to Vodafone (the provider) and my employer (another kind of provider), it also has a DuoBill feature, meaning I get one phone with one SIM card but two phone numbers and two different billing addresses to keep business and pleasure separate (though lately, work has been more fun).

If you need one of my new phone numbers, just email me and I’ll be happy to give it to you.