you know it’s Spring time in Regensburg…

…when you’re greeted by street musicians at every turn.

Last night, on my way home from work, I got two accordion virtuosos within a half a block of each other and there was a special aural treat this morning after a leisurely breakfast with Tammy and Matthias at Kaminski . First we bought a Sprudler (check out step 4, “how to get busy with the fizzy“) to prevent thirst at work (now that my office is no longer near a supermarket) and then we came home to play with it. Then we got an earful of this:


Fortunately, I had Sarah’s MD recorder handy to record some local brass band’s first outdoor concert out on Gutenbergplatz.

I am on vacation — why doesn’t my brain know this?

It’s about 5:30 on a Saturday morning, which is the first day of my first vacation since Carolyn and Max came to visit around Thanksgiving. I just woke up from a bad dream about work.

I was explaining to my boss that what he wanted from me was not practical or feasible. But he wanted it anyway. By Monday. And then he said

Also tun Sie es.

In other words, “Just do it.

But here’s the worst part — I lost the “Du!” I am the only one in my group of 6 employees with the informal address privilege with my boss. I “won” it before I transferred into his group. I have mixed feelings about it. I don’t mind being on a “Du-basis” with anyone, really, but I do think it’s rude to just assume someone is duzen*-worthy. I like an explicit agreement between parties before we drop the pretention* and resort to first names and informal address. It’s a little weird to be the only one singled-out for the Du-privilege in my group. It makes me special. Some might think “great, special, like someone with a closer relationship with the boss,” but more often I feel it’s more like “special needs” special. Given that all children and housepets get the Du-privilege automatically, it doesn’t feel to me like I’ve won anything.

I have been under a fair amount of stress lately. My guys in Romania are working out quite well and I am confident in their abilities to handle their daily business while I am on vacation over the next 8 days or so. But suddenly, where I had one or two lower-priority side projects on back burners last year, I now have 4 projects of varying priority, some of which I am leading and others where I am the special guest star.

They are starting to pile up right as I head into vacation. I have a feeling that, should we find snow in Austria (and it looks more promising than we’d thought), I’ll be writing code in my head on the lifts. Or maybe doing a conference call on that wicked new phone the company got me.