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Man, coming back to work after taking more than a week off is painful. I’ve got lots of interesting stuff to do, but honestly, there’s too much of it. I can already see I’ll be spending much of my weekend working from home. But it’ll be for a pet project of mine, and one that is long overdue and finally getting the attention that it deserves.

For those of you have visited us and had the pleasure of a dinner at Exil, we’ve been working on this little project for you…ok, and for us. After several attempts, we’ve gotten pretty good at replicating their awesome feta-and-spinach side dish. Sarah did all the work on this one. Here’s our best guess at it:

Spinach and Feta sidedish

Hey Kraig and Margo: thanks for the emails out of the blue this week on the same day!

Assorted stuff I/we got (back) this week:

1. My replacement driver’s license from when I lost it.

2. Blue pants from when that little ankle biter…well, you know.* Thanks to my parents for those and all the other things Dad brought with him on his trip.

3. My bike from a new (to me) repair shop, which is not Stadler, after I somehow managed to blow out an axle a couple of weeks ago.

4. Permission for me and Sarah to stay and live here another year. Good thing we got some extra pages inserted into our passports. We really needed them.

Too bad it’s not already Friday night. I could use one of those famous Friday Night Naps of mine.

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  1. Brian

    Bless you both! I can’t wait to try this. I’ll pair it with a skewered lamb sausage I’ve been dying to try. Remind me to email you this tremendous recipe for chicken with Calvados and cream I found as partial repayment for all your hard work. Now, back to the kitchen with you both. You’ve got an entire menu to crack. We’re off to Chicago for the weekend. Laters.

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