how did I get so grumpy?

As previously noted (and probably experienced by anyone with a job), coming back to work after a week of vacation can be pretty miserable. Wednesday through Friday of this week has just been awful. I’ve done my best to work through my pile of crap in my inbox, but it seems like if I’m not there to immediately shoo away those colleagues who think I can/should do their jobs for them, they’ll happily wait for me to get back or try to get someone else in my group to do it for them.

The consequence of this is that I have been extremely bitchy this week at work. I have been snappish and cyncial to those I share an office and boss with, and I downright exploded at my internal customers in an email when it appeared they lost all concept of what is their job and what is my job.

I don’t like being that way. I enjoy my job as long as no one is fighting about whose job it is to do what — but too often my daily time at work is spent playing referee between different departments who are both trying desperately to make sure that they are not doing one ounce of effort more than the minimum and push their tasks off onto anyone else but themselves.

But even while my dad was I here it seemed like I was crabbier than necessary. Do I have a chemical imbalance, or was that maybe the cumulative effect of working continuously from the beginning of December (barring Christmas week) through to the middle of March?* Will I ever be able to return to a non-European working environment? And how do I (re-)gain any ability to buck up, take work crap in stride, and not let it alter my personality? Or (and this is even worse) *is* this my personality (now)?