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big margaritas

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Looks like my mom’s mom was enjoying herself on her trip to Puerto Vallarta with my parents. Sarah and I are jealous that we have to wait until December for our next visit.

[linguistic dorkiness warning]
In other news: check out this link:

I’ve always maintained that my in-laws have a more southerly accent than the people I grew up with around Detroit. Compare this guy with this one. The first one is a middle-aged man from Detroit (who is also a native speaker of a large ethnic group in the Detroit area — can you hear it?), and the second one a 21-year-old man from St. Louis, MO (they don’t have a sample from Kansas City…how about it, Po & Susie?). Hear the southernness in the ‘oo’ vowels? I think it’s different, but even more southern-sounding as you head west across Missouri. Or how about this guy, from Wichita, KS? The accent my in-laws have is probably an average between the St. Louis and Wichita speakers…which makes a lot of sense, geographically.

I could spend all day on that site. I’ve pretty much got the sample text memorized already.