iTunes mocks me!

We’re big fans of the “Party-Jukebox” function as it’s known in the German version of iTunes (I think it’s “party-shuffle” or similar in the English-language version).

But why does Girlfriend by Michael Jackson keep coming up in my playlist — supposedly randomly? It’s as if iTunes is saying

“hey pal, you put in your library, and by golly*, we’re going to listen to it. Together. Even if you skip past it. Twice.”

In other news, I’m experimenting with WordPress Sidebar Widgets. Got two of my own kickin’ right now, over there on the right side. They’re still kind of rough, but they’re coming along. One of them puts a factoid up there about me and Sarah, chosen at random (ok, no big deal, that had been up there for months, but hard-coded and therefore less cool), and the other, with a little help from Last.FM lets you know what’s currently playing on our computer.

What's your take on it?

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