Feast your ears and eyes on this — it’s the musical stylings of my mom’s entire family, as led by my dad on guitar and prompted by my mom with cue cards to honor my grandfather and his reputation as a clever consumer on a big round birthday:
…with many thanks to Johnny Cash.

Looks like my grandmother had a nice time in Mexico and even made a new friend. December sure sounds far away…

4 thoughts on “”

  1. Carrie Jo

    ¡MUY FANTASTICO! That is the BEST! :-)
    Three cheers for your fam!

  2. Tammy

    WHo’s the camera man? Great voice!

  3. Cliff

    Here’s the camera man (my mom’s brother) doing his own rendition. He’s a truck-drivin’ kind of guy, so he really has been everywhere.

  4. Tom

    Cliff……you were doing great and then I saw the video on You tube……your dad’s version was much better……we’re thinkin about going to PVR in January and sitting at the pool and practicing some more …..should be good for a few laughs……….this posting comes to you from Pocatello, ID. …….Beautiful country…!!

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