Packing / Shopping List for France

I know I’ve written about this upcoming trip to France several times now (here and here), so don’t feel you have to read *yet another* post.

This post is intended as a packing list for us, and also a request list for you, our dear readers. Need something from France? Let us know about it via the comments below.

We are already aware of:

– Brian’s request for *hoity-toity French violet liqueur* (his words, not ours
– Po’s request for French cheese (note that we almost certainly won’t be allowed to ship that or even carry it with us out of the EU)
– Corsican wine for Tommy and Natasha
– Something cool for Susie (her words, not ours)
– Postcard(s) for Carrie
– Something lavender for Mom

We plan to take with us:

camera batteries
battery charger
mini-tripod (just in case)
personal notebook computer (**not** the work computer!) & charger
camera card reader
mobile phone & charger
mic & earphones for skyping
iPods & chargers & headphones
books (can’t wait to sit down and read for pleasure for long stretches)
swimsuits (just in case)
our Frommer’s France book
ADAC France highway atlas
printed directions to the B&B
driver’s licenses & passports
travel documents like airline and car rental confirmations
freshly-made mix CDs for the drives
– toiletries
hair towels
sporty shoes / hiking boots
sunscreen (despite rainy a weather forecast)
– free space in our luggage for wine & cheese transport (note that we are only allowed 20kg of luggage though)

This list looks enormous to me, but it’s really about one backpack’s worth of stuff.