hoo, been awhile

Sorry about that. It’s been pretty busy at work since coming back from vacation, and I actually haven’t been spending as much time on the computer outside of work (*heavens to Betsy, imagine that!*).

Here’s the (*ahem*) Cliff Notes® version:

Cliff meets Scott
Cliff & BookCrossing’s Scott at the
Meet-up in Frankfurt
Photo credit:Leseschaf

Traveled, almost on a whim, 4 hours to Frankfurt to meet up with many BookCrossers from lots of different countries. Well worth the trip. Met many new BCers and was quite pleased to meet ones from my trip to Cologne in December 2003 again, and was especially pleased to finally get to meet GirlFromIpanema, who waited around extra for me to arrive and sent me my first book from Germany back in…2002.

– We used up some left-over marmalade in the form of cookies. The majority of them were distributed at work to great success. Kerstin and I thought they were a little oddly bitter, while Nadine and Andy thought that was what made them so unusually tasty. Either way, I want to hang onto that batter recipe (without the orange peel…but then what should I sub in?) because it makes cookies that remind me of Pecan Sandies.

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Observed some pretty weird weather. It’s been really hot, muggy, sticky, cool, and breezy all at the same time. That’s pretty typical for May around here(Aside: I remember being holed up in the 5th story of our old office building the first May I spent in Regensburg wondering if I’d need to find one of those tornado-drill spaces in our building…and then very quickly, it was all over and the only evidence of severe weather were all those tree pieces clogging the drains and the rivers the roads had turned into as a result.) I got out my tripod and attempted to capture some interesting cloudy cityscape. I mostly failed, but I did manage to capture some lightning in the distance, using the Night Scene settings on my camera, and got a couple of eerie coloring shots while playing with that. Then besides the occasional lightning and distant rumble of thunder, I heard and saw much closer and smaller and more colorful explosions and remembered that this was the last weekend of the Dult (see this post for details), and on that Friday, they do the closing fireworks ritual. So I snapped a couple of fireworks shots to boot.

What's your take on it?

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