Every once in a while, two systems interact in such a way that I, the casual observer, wondering if my still-baking cheesecake will emerge thoroughly baked when the timer rings, or whether it will need more time to finish in the oven, am moved to remark upon them. This often results in more than one blog post per evening.

It would appear the quantum physicists (the first system) also are also enjoying the anthropomorphization of their pets over at icanhascheezburger.com (the second system).

You gotta be a real physics nerd *and* spend way too much time online to get that joke. For a little help, visit this wikipedia article.

cheesecake mitigation

You may have noticed our little requests for certain hard-to-find items over on our Care Packages page. Well, thanks to Sarah’s pal Christina, we can strike a few items off the list (and have done so, effective immediately). Christina’s identified plain Leibnitz crackers (the whole-grain variety in particular) as a graham cracker substitute suitable for cheesecake crust making on her blog.

Here at the ol’ Regensblog, we’re adamant about verifying cheesecake-related claims for ourselves. Think of us as the collective Doubting Thomas of cheesecake. We intend to find out — tonight — just how suitable they are.

This is not the first time we have undertaken such an enterprise. The last time we tried to make a cheesecake, it was OK, but we followed a recipe we found online that used (apparently) too many eggs and it came out tasting more like a custard. This time we’re armed with my mother-in-law’s recipe, and I just hope it lives up to half the hype. It’ll probably still be ugly, just like the last one, thanks to our oven’s slope and uneven heating tendencies, but all I want is a good, old-fashioned, New York-style cheesecake in my belly — regardless of its appearance. You know, the kind you pretty much want to spread on a bagel the next morning (should any survive the night). But I digress; bagel availability here is a separate whinge in and of itself.

Germans: we love you (well, most of you), and we love living here, but we don’t love your cheesecake. It’s too light, too airy, and far less creamcheesey than necessary (and this is clearly evident in the way that even the flavor of a wayward sultana easily overpowers your wimpy cheesecake, making it go places it was never meant to go). In fact, you’d probably hate the real thing if you ever got the chance to try it. So we’ll do you a favor and make sure not to inflict it on you.