hard at work…no, seriously

STA70491 Given the mugginess and the amount of sunlight and how hard it is to strike the perfect balance in our office between fresh air and being able to hear (there’s a highway right behind us), I decided to work from home this afternoon. I just may spend the whole day on Friday working that way. Know why? Yep, because tomorrow is a holiday. Forget which one? Read up on it.

Yep, sorry Mom…I was laboring under the misconception — sort of an immaculate one, as it were* — that we’re all out of holidays here in Bavaria until…Assumption in August and then after that, I don’t know, Reunification Day or something.

And for ye unbelievers — I did two conference calls this afternoon and wrote some brilliant queries out there on the world’s smallest balcony. I should work out there more often.