culinary close call / getting my web feng shui on

We had a little near-emergency this evening in the kitchen. Sarah and I were preparing our dinners (mine Thai, hers Indian) when she was about to drain my glass noodles into the colander in the sink and the handle to the pot of boiling water and noodle came off in her hands. Fortunately this happened while the pot was still over the stove and not a drop splashed out of the pot. But it could have been a disaster, and not just for our wooden kitchen. The worst thing to come out of it is that tomorrow we’re going cookware shopping.

The other thing I wanted to mention was a little creative endeavor of mine. Web-wise, I have always been lousy with the colors and fonts and placement on the page. So I recently decided to practice. I took a stock install of WordPress and started playing around with the style sheet and layout. I’m pretty happy with the results so far. Check it out my bloggy impression of Rémuzat if you like. I found that the stylesheet also worked really well with an image of the bridge I shot at night last winter with very few modifications necessary. See for yourself.. If anyone wants to use either of these as a WordPress theme, let me know (make a comment here). I don’t think they’re 100% ready to find their way into those giant themes directories, but I think they’re to close to being there.