let the FESTivities begin

Jahninselfest Alert readers will remember previous descriptions of the various reasons to walk around outside with thousands of other people — and during the summer, it’s at the drop of a hat around here. Not that I’m complaining. We did our first fest of Summer 2007 today, kind of by accident.

We strolled around a bit after dinner at Exil, trying to justify the dessert we’d planned on getting. And that’s when we stumbled upon the *Jahninselnfest* — a two-day just-for-fun festival of food, drink, and music taking place on one of the islands in the Danube. After a little people-watching, Sarah and returned to the task at hand…getting dessert. We decided on Diba, which we consider the best ice cream in Regensburg. It’s one of the reasons we’re always trying to get people to come visit us Dibaover the summer (up til now, only Sarah’s cousins have made that work; everyone else who’s visited has come in the Fall, Winter or Spring). They offer very interesting flavors like Cinnamon-Coriander and Chocolate-Ginger and the like. We strolled over to their store near Haidplatz, and while inside selecting our flavors, a little “Dibamobile” rolled up. I wonder if they can do deliveries in that thing…

What's your take on it?

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