smooth transition from home to work and back?

gutenbergplatz_cafes The other day I came home from work just a little earlier than normal (don’t worry, I still put in a couple extra hours of work from home — no slacking here). I noticed a Segway at an outdoor cafe on the Platz nearest us; snappily-dressed people appeared to be having a meeting and one of them apparently arrived on it.

That got me thinking: could I use one of those to get to work and back?

I don’t want to give up the exercise levels I get from my self-powered daily commute, despite the disadvantages that come with precipitation and, well, my pores (suffice it to say that I still smell better than many at work and I keep an emergency stick of Old Spice® at my desk which I do not lend out, although sadly, no one has asked, either).

But the concept was tantalizing because Segways still seem so darn cool to me.  We’ve been meaning to try them out for a couple years now while on vacation in Mexico, ever since we heard about my dad and sister having such a good time on them. Wikipedia reports that they have questionable status here in Germany, though the dealer page sounds pretty confident:

The Segway HT is designed to operate in any place that you can safely walk. It will transport you over any surface where the wheels can gain traction, such as roads, sidewalks, grass, and dirt. In many cities you’ll be able to take the Segway HT any place that you are allowed to walk. Please talk with your Segway dealer to find out if any national or local restrictions apply for your place.

With a range up to 38km, I could certainly get by on two charges per week. But the initial investment is pretty steep, and I really like my bike ride to work and back. Besides, where would I park it? I wouldn’t want to haul 105 pounds of Segway up to and down from our apartment every morning and evening, but I could see myself via the elevator directly into my office via the elevator and parking at my desk.

What's your take on it?

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