audio tour of tonight’s Bürgerfest selections

The Bürgerfest is Regensburg’s biggest strictly-summer — not beginning of summer, not end of summer, just summer — festival.

Jugendblaschor Dingenskirchen
Rednecks follow you everywhere

It’s so big that they only do it once every two years. Since *everyone* comes out for it, there are some pretty good people-watching opportunities. Anyway, there was quite a smattering of available tunage this evening. Not all of it was bad, and some of the bad stuff was entertainingly bad. You’ll find a range genres from marching band (without the marching) to Spyro Gyra-style jazz to angsty rock to ska to lousy pseudo battle rap* to crummy ’60s covers. It’s all good. Just shows the range that Regensburg has to offer, right?

Particularly good were the Jazz Police whose samples you’ll hear in the very last part of the audio track below. I’d like to hear more cool jazz covers from them and fewer Elvis-crap covers, but to their credit, they were playing to the crowd, who gave it an 88 because it had a good beat and they could dance to it.