“Did he tell you his name was ‘Mary?'”

Looks like we’ll be rollin’ on the Danube all day today.

I’m very surprised the locals have apparently suspended their weekend / morning noise ordinance for the *Bürgerfest*. I recorded this


5 minutes ago out of our skylight window. It’s like one giant wedding reception out there, and the weather looks like it’ll hold, so we can expect no meteorological respite.

I guess there’s nothing to be done except pass the mostaccioli.

enough with the cruise teasing already

We actually intend to set sail this time (other times, [or here, or here], kind of petered out). We plunked down. We’re working out the logistics, but this looks doable. We were looking at at slightly longer and cheaper cruise out of Savona, Italy that touched land in Alexandria and came back, but getting to Savona without a car was going to be a major hassle (the usual: planes, trains, and automobiles) and we’d end up bookending the trip with overnight hotel stays on both ends in Genoa en route to Savona. No thanks. Going out of Venice, we’ll most likely train it down and back with less hassle.

another cruise?

Here’s a link to a rough Google Map I made of our route, and if you have Google Earth, you can check it out using that software, too.

Being cruise newbies, we are already learning from others’ experiences. For instance, our pal Kim convinced us to stick to the cable car when coming ashore at Skala and scaling the cliffs up to the town. You can hike it, but it’s the same route the donkeys take, and they smell pretty bad.

What Med-cruise tips can you offer us? We’ve already got “Frommer’s European Cruises & Ports of Call” to help us research our trip, but — as always — we value input from “real” people much more highly than from the contributors of these travel books. Help us out!