I got a new camera

I’m pretty happy with it so far.

Fotohaus Zacharias has been running a special for about a month now on an Olympus E-500, two lenses (14-45mm and 40-150mm), 2 UV-filters, an extra set of rechargeable batteries, a 2GB compact flash card, a Samsonite-branded camera bag/pouch, and a somewhat goofy backpack (for what exactly? Not sure – it doesn’t seem camera-specific, but who knows – I can always keep it around as a spare) for the low-low price of 700€.

So, with Sarah’s permission and our upcoming cruise as motivation, I finally sprung for a new camera.

I like that on the first day, I was already able to jump back into SLR-mode, playing around with aperture and shutter-speed priority. I still gotta figure out how to get the ISO settings up above 400 — apparently this camera can do that, but I haven’t figured out how yet.

Here, fresh off the flash card are the first ones I’ve taken which seem worthy of posting:

zoomed in the Dom from our skylight skyline fossil the Dom, of course Everyone photographs the Dom Yuck zoomed in zoomed out zoomed in zoomed out zoomed out

4 thoughts on “I got a new camera”

  1. Mom

    The photos are beautiful! I’m pretty sure it “sprang”; sprung is the participle, but it is doing a good job, regardless of the grammar. Who is growing the lavender out the window? Keep taking pictures.

  2. Cliff

    Good catch on the participle, Mom.

    The lavender is growing in a window box on the balcony next to ours. I’m not sure whose apartment that actually is, since the layout of our building is pretty wacky.

  3. ChristinaG

    Great photos! Looks like the new camera was a good buy!

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