hot and slimy

I’m not talking about the weather!

Hot & Slimy Noodles Sarah’s at her weekly voice lesson. I’m hungry. Really hungry. I don’t want to eat (just yet) any of the things that we bought today while out shopping. Perusing our shelves, I find some glass (rice) noodles and our substantial selection of spices and sauces. I zero in on Pearl River Soy Sauce and Garlic Cholula (thanks Dad, good idea bringing that one over). What might be missing? Chinese (white) pepper. “This will be my masterpiece,” I think. “This is going to be even better than that rice dish I invented.”

Well, maybe not. I made more than one bowl of it, but I think that was because there just wasn’t enough in the first batch to sate me. Now the sound of the washer doing its slow tumble reminds me of the way my tummy feels.

First picture taken of me (not by me) with the new camera In other news, Matthias snapped this picture of me this morning at Kaminski. Apart from my usual morning hair, I think it actually looks OK (maybe it’s the enormous boutonniere). Which is odd, given the recent comment by my Mom.

It was good to be back there for breakfast as Tom, our ever-gracious host, recited our usual items to us. It’s nice when all you have to do is nod and your stuff comes out exactly the way you want it.