Last night we saw Ocean’s 13 at the Cinemaxx movie theater here in Regensburg with Rainer and Christina and Matthias. It was not as good as I’d hoped, but better than I’d feared.

As noted on Tammy’s blog, X-Men III was a big let-down.

So far, I’ve seen only 1.5 movies this summer that were not sequels (out of the roughly four total — that’s a lot of movies for me), and they were either so weird or bad that it was painful to watch:

+ die Legende von Paul und Paula
+ The Brothers Grimm

“Die Legende” was a suggestion from Rainer and Christina…sorry guys — I just couldn’t get behind that one. Maybe I am just lacking a certain *je ne sais quoi*. “Grimm” was just dumb.

Tomorrow begins Part V of my continuing saga of voyages to Iasi, Romania. I’m taking my camera with me; it’ll be the first time it travels with us. Maybe (but I doubt it) I’ll be able to get some shots of Iasi by daylight.

U.S.A.: Monarch-free for 231 years and counting…at least on paper. Happy 4th of July!