Nice day for a drive and brunch

tanking up Donau Durchbruch Kloster

Since we still had a car leftover from last night’s jaunt up to Hirschau to help Jentry and Markus celebrate their wedding, we decided to take advantage of it and the lovely weather this weekend — lots of sun, but not too hot — to visit Weltenburg for an early lunch.

Food: fine; standard tourist fare
Beer: World-Class

Knowing that you’re driving on after walking around a bit and therefore limited to one and only one beer makes you enjoy it all the more if it’s good, or regret it all the more if it isn’t.

two car rentals in one day

I pride myself on being pretty automobile-independent, but as it happened I rented two cars in one day yesterday for two completely different purposes. The first one was due to a SNAFU in getting back to Regensburg from Iasi via Munich (which worked out just fine after all — just a little more hassle than I wanted), and second one was for attending Jentry and Markus’s wedding reception in Hirschau.

We ended up renting it for the whole day, and that means we can do some exploring today before we return it. We’re thinking of a trip to Weltenburg for brunch, like last year with Tammy and Matthias.

Here are the remaining snapshots from my most recent trip to Iasi:
clouds 1 clouds 3 clouds 2 night shift