(Beef + Broccoli) × 2 ≠ Chinese

Being awake at 6:15 in the morning on a Saturday(!) yields weird thoughts.

I just realized I had beef and broccoli twice on Thursday. Once at lunch in the cantine at work, with some kind of balsamic sauce and a big, heavy Knödel and then that same evening again at home with Sarah and Matthias over for dinner. She used our crockpot to slow-cook a Tafelspitz (closest thing we can find to a brisket) for like 7 hours in a mixture of Gates and water. It was so easy to shred apart after cooking that long. And then we ate it on big ol’ American style hamburger buns (you can tell they’re authentic because of the red, white, and blue packaging) with more barbecue sauce — the aforementioned Gates and a new variety: Famous Dave’s. Special thanks to Susie for restocking us in the sauce and Tex-Mex departments.