last work day before the cruise

Yesterday was a weird day.

I think in a lot of workplaces, people tend to cut loose on Fridays. Our company is undergoing a lot of changes, not the least of which are happening in our department and location. We used to be the headquarters and I always thought that was the place with the safest jobs. But that can be fatal when you get bought.

I think it was healthy for us to blow off some steam.

Kerstin3 Cliff8 Simone4

Yesterday was also a particularly yummy day.

We were graciously invited by Christina and Rainer out to their house for dinner. I had hinted pretty strongly during the planning phase that I wanted her to make Green Mango Salad. I almost felt guilty about that until it (a) she enlisted me in the preparation and (b) we sat down to eat it.

It is amazing (Tammy: I’m gloating at you. Oh, how was the Dult?). It’s like energy waves from the four dimensions of taste have intersected in my mouth:

– sweet (julienned mangoes*)
– sour (lime juice)
– spicy (thai chilis)

Oh, and Christina left the cherry tomatoes whole, so I could pick them out quite easily. This stuff also makes a great leftover-breakfast. We also had Son-In-Law Eggs and Penang Curry. I’m trying to put pressure on Christina to post the recipe for the Penang Curry, but it will be difficult while I’m lounging on deck chairs and grazing the shipboard buffet, etc. But I promise I’ll try.

Here are some shots from the meal:

P9071332 P9071337 P9071330