8 thoughts on “wow, that’s harder than it sounds”

  1. tqe / adam

    Excellent score!

  2. Cliff

    Thanks. I must admit:

    (a) the wife and I are map nuts, and
    (b) my first try was in the 24k range.

  3. ChristinaG

    Good job! That third round is a killer.

  4. Sarah

    Check it! We’re in the running now for the free stuff!

  5. Max

    WOW….good work!!!

    I won’t even post my score.. You guys own me @ Virtual Pilot :-)

    Hope you win free stuff!

  6. Andrea

    I think you had to participate by August 10th in order to win. The winners are already announced on the site; now you can only play for funsies.

  7. Cliff

    Oops, thanks for the info, Andrea! And here all this time we’ve been honing our skills, perfecting our craft, creeping up the high score lists with high hopes…and only the prestige to show for it.

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