the new glasses

As promised in a previous post, here are the new glasses!

Do you think they make me look grumpy?

Do you think they make me look haughty?

Do you think think they make me look freaky?

Do you think they make me look like I’m having a pleasant dream?

Oh, and check out this rockin’ mullet in an advertisement for window installers or something!

6 thoughts on “the new glasses”

  1. lynda

    All of the above! LOL – Did you wear glasses before? After recently passing the big 40 I noticed that when reading in bed, suddenly my arms no longer seemed long enough… nothing wrong with my eye… always had perfect vision. Can’t imagine how depressed I felt with the eye dr said something blase like “so how old are you… yes well after a certain age this was bound to happen!” scoff scoff… I was tempted to get a second opinion – what happened to 40 is the new 20? So I guess I will need to pick some specs sometime soon… might even post some pics like you did.
    cheers L

  2. Cliff

    Did you wear glasses before?

    Oh yes, since about age 13 or so. I don’t think I’m into the bifocals range yet, but I could see (ha!) that happening in the next few years.

  3. Carolyn

    You’re a nut! Nice spectacles!

  4. B.

    Nice! I got my first pair of german glasses a few months ago… decided to go as native as possible, so I ended up with funky bright red frames. Ok, it sounds terrible, I realize, but really I they’re not bad.

    When we first decided to move to Germany we almost ended up in Regensburg (dueling offers from the same company). It’s an absolutely beautiful there…

  5. Cliff


    As in all things related to my appearance, I checked with my wife before purchasing. That wasn’t enough for me; I wanted her to help in the selection. So we both went over to Fielmann and shopped around. I was pleasantly surprised by the customer service we got, despite the crowded Saturday afternoon atmosphere.

    I was thinking about something funky like diamond-shaped drill-mount frames or a pince-nez like my pals Ted and Frank here, but I really don’t have the mustache capacity to pull that off.

  6. Margot

    Not when you smile. :-)

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