and finally my own glorious mango salad

OK, I admit it, it wasn’t as earth-shattering as the two times I’ve had this dish at Christina’s. I’m sure part of that is that I had to substitute almonds for peanuts (whoops). And we’re not mango experts by any means, so there might have been some more whoops happening there, too.

But it was still awesome. We started off gathering the ingredients (this was just a half-batch based on Christina’s original recipe). the castThe three chilis provided plenty of heat. Our mortar’s quite a bit smaller than Christina’s but it worked for our half-batch. I think I’d either have to prepare two half-batches or get a bigger mortar to make a full-size batch. Garlic, Chilis, Mortar the finished productionI am itching to share this recipe with other appreciators of the hot-sweet-sour-garlic flavor nexus — perhaps in December in a more mango-friendly environment, where we can also rock out with our bad Guacamole-making selves (thanks for the recipe, Mom and Rick).