Verkaufsoffener Sonntag

This has been an aethetically pleasing day in most ways.

* I got some really good work done.
* Sarah cooked like a fiend (and I helped a lot, but she was definitely running the kitchen):
– Burritos
– refried beans
– home-made salsa
– applesauce cake
* The weather was that perfect balance between hooded-sweatshirt and tee-shirt weather.
* Other than late Friday night*, it’s been nice and quite around here.

One bummer: the downtown area was just *crawling* with Regensburgers (and visitors to the city) out for a stroll on this, one of the few Sundays per year on which some stores were open for business.

I snapped these pictures:

dig the hat will they come rescue us? inside Diba casting a shadow... bong