blogspam / German-class show

Last week while killing time at Frankfurt am Main’s central station on my way back from a meeting with the new masters (who actually so far have all seemed quite pleasant to work with), I picked up the book pictured at left. Pure language nerd stuff. I’d already read the first volume of the book, and liked it enough to amuse myself with volume two while waiting for a train.

Then last night while surfing German TV we came across a game show featuring audience members (who are also participants) in groups of teachers, government employees (Beamte), school-aged students, Austrians (not kidding, they are measured separately), and a panel of celebrities from all walks of German life (TV stars, athletes, even politicians). The goal: get a good grade on their German language homework. Categories included vocabulary, dictation, capitalization, and the especially tricky Punctuation Round.

I’m proud to say — I rocked. Having just read the above-mentioned book helped a lot. I’m still weirded out by the concept of the show, though. Want to play along at home (or wherever you are?) Try it online yourself: der große Deutsch-Test.

In other news, even with the Akismet anti-spam plug-in on ye olde Regensblogge, which usually works like a champ, we’ve been getting spam like crazy recently. Hate that. I’m trying an additional anti-spam measure (another plug-in, specifically designed to augment Akismet) programmed by the guy who did the flickr plug-in I use for embedding images. I’m hoping you won’t have any trouble posting your comments and all here as a result of the extra security measure. As long as you post some real content and not stuff that appears to be spam, there should be no trouble. Still, please contact me if anything seems amiss.