I think my yellowness is fading

Sorry to all those who eagerly awaited photos of my altered skin tone. I can still see some yellowness in my eyes, but just a little and my face looks a lot less yellow to me now — especially when compared to my shoulders and arms and chest. Those areas are still kind of yellow, but I expect the jaundice will fade from the top down, just like it arrived. My doctor* and I are guessing that there was a small stone (like in the 1mm ballpark) in a bile duct somewhere which was impeding outbound bile traffic. I visited him yesterday for the first time and we drew some blood and I’m expecting results back today; I am hopeful they’ll (help) confirm that my gall bladder removal surgery scheduled for Monday the 12th doesn’t need to be expedited, and that it’ll be a simple laparoscopic procedure.

This is not the only clue I have had that things are working (more) properly again; last night my team members from Iasi, Romania, who are in town visiting, and Sarah and I visited the Fürstliches Brauhaus for dinner. I was actually hungry and ate well. There are some other indications I would be happy to describe at length with you, but I suspect the pleasure of such an description would be all mine. Trust me.

6 thoughts on “I think my yellowness is fading”

  1. Carolyn

    I didn’t realize you had some jaundice. I’m glad it’s fading. I’m glad you’re feeling better too. Keep us posted. Good luck!!

    p.s. Yes, you’re right. You should not describe the other indications!

  2. Mom

    Hey, while you were a little yellow-y, did you notice if your eyes looked bluer or grayer? When mine are bloodshot, they look super green. I’ve never looked yellow, so I don’t know how that would result.
    Keep us informed. Thanks for the phone message.

  3. Cliff

    Nope, I didn’t notice a difference. And I’m sure if Sarah had, she would have mentioned it — she was studying me pretty intently for those couple of days there.

  4. Sarah

    @Rose: His eyes were a lot grayer than usual. I thought they would be bluer, but I guess there’s a stronger gray undertone than is readily visible.

    @Cliff: I didn’t think you’d really care. The yellowness itself was so disconcerting, that I figured you’d be much more concerned with its effects on your insides than your outsides.

  5. Margot

    Glad you’re feeling better, whatever colour you are! So, are you on a diet?

  6. Cliff

    Not yet.

    Surgery’s on Monday the 12th. Until then, I’m supposed to eat “light” food at the advice of the anaesthesiologist to make bathroom trips more comfortable immediately after the surgery.

    After the surgery, I’m sure there’ll be some restrictions, but they haven’t told me what they are yet. My sister has (she had her gall bladder removed 8 years ago), but so far the doctors have been pretty vague about it. Actually, about the whole procedure. They’ve given me nifty diagrams, but they refuse to ballpark how long it might be before I can return to work or head out on vacation.

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