1400 km in 14 hours over two days

Man, was I tired last night. I slept 12 hours! Starting Thursday morning, I drove 1400 km in 14 hours on two business trips with two passengers on the first trip and passenger on the other. OK, to be fair, my office buddy neighbor Kerstin drove the the last of those four legs home from Frankfurt because I was so wiped out and had a headache and was oddly cold in the afternoon of the all-day meeting (and no one else was; that’s a weird sign).

My team from Romania and I drove from Regensburg to the Frankfurt area and back on Thursday, and then Kerstin and I drove almost the same route again on Friday. Seems dumb, right? Why couldn’t I have just stayed there overnight? Well, I wanted to spend the last night in Germany with my guys at home in Regensburg, instead of shipping them back to Regensburg on the train. We had a nice dinner at our house and I think it was a good way to end their trip — at least in terms of interaction with me.

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For those of you with math skills, you’ll notice that the average speed was about 100 km/h (roughly 60 mph). Not very fast, considering the trip was by-and-largely on the Autobahn, right? There are a couple reasons for this:

– it was the A3, notorious for traffic problems due to construction and truck saturation
– I goofed on the way back from Frankfurt on the first day and ended up doing wasting about 30 minutes of our time on a boondoggle through downtown Frankfurt
– When avoiding a traffic jam on the second day, we exited the autobahn ASAP and tried to wing it with surface roads for a bit. That didn’t work. Our navigation device kept running us around in circles. So we effectively waited out the traffic jam while in motion.

After 12 hours of sleep, I feel great now, and am almost fully prepared to let these guysremove my gall bladder on Monday.