We’re finally out of the Stone Age

See, I can do witty blog commentary, too.

For everyone I haven’t been able to contact personally, Cliff’s surgery took place on Monday afternoon. He had his gallbladder removed in a laparoscopic procedure, which was what we fervently hoped would take place. There were several gallstones, and because he thought fast and asked the doctors to save them for him, they set aside four of the largest ones. They’re each about the size of a peanut M&M, dark brown with a dappled pattern and utterly repulsive. They’re preserved in what I think is formaldehyde – whatever it is, it’s a sickly green color and I’ve just taken to calling it ‘evil sauce.’

Cliff is doing really well now. He was a little loopy yesterday afternoon, after coming out of surgery, but that’s to be expected. He is currently completely lucid and able to move around without much pain. He’s also desperately bored, which is unfortunate, since he’s probably there for at least the next couple of days. If anyone wants to visit him, I’m sure he would be tickled.

Photos to come later.

12 thoughts on “We’re finally out of the Stone Age”

  1. Mom

    Very witty! I love the title. I’m not crazy about the peanut M&M comparison. Maybe you could make earrings out of them. Keep us informed.

  2. Carrie Jo

    Does he have cotton mouth like all get out? My mum had that after her gallbladder surgery. She was GRUMPY about it, too.

    Oh and… send hugs from CJ & NarganZBargain

  3. Sam

    Mmmmmm….Evil Sauce. Glad to hear all went well! Feel better soon…

    Love, peace, and hair grease,
    Sam & Andrea

  4. Tammy

    It is evil sauce – it makes me just a little nauseous thinking about it. Unfortunately, I am totally fascinated by seeing something that was tucked away in someone else’s body, so I’ll probably ask Cliff to show me again :-) Yuk!

  5. Carolyn

    Dry / cotton mouth is the WORST! I hope Cliff didn’t have it. So, peanut M&M’s hmm? Cool that he got to save them. Did he take his appendix with him in a jar to Germany, too? maybe he could have them both on display. (Sorry Sarah!)


  6. Sarah

    @Rose: Sorry if I ruined peanut M&Ms for you. We can make earrings for you out of them. I’m not getting anywhere near the things…

    @Carrie: I don’t think there’s a cottonmouth problem. The nurses have been pretty diligent about giving him tea and water whenever he wants it. But he’s moving through grumpy and straight into surly. I think he wants to irritate the docs into discharging him.

    @Sam & Andrea: Hey you two! Speaking of hair grease, we need to find a way to wash his hair without getting his incision sites wet. We might be sinking it!

    @Tammy: Don’t encourage him. Please.

    @Carolyn: I never actually saw the appendix. I thought I heard that the seal broke and it had to get pitched.

  7. Tammy

    Ewwww – free-range appendix!

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  9. Mom

    Uh-oh, surly, eh? Well, the cure for that is to not be there for it. Take yourself shopping and give him a time out. The blog is cracking me up. The stones have brought out the strangest humor! And today at lunch we were discussing Stones From the River. Did you get to read it yet? Maybe he will like that as thematic recovery reading. Then play some Stones music…
    I’ve got pumpkin custard in the oven; can’t wait til dinner time!

  10. Dad

    Man, I feel a song coming on! There is a place in my bo-dy, where gallstones used to be, the docs went in and pulled them out, lap-ro-scopic-ly! ;)

  11. Aunt Barb

    Glad to hear the surgery went well. We’ll see you soon.

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