released a day early!

Hey y’all — they let me out a full day early!

Fun hospital pics Sarah snapped of me while still in the big white house at the end of the street are to follow shortly.

3 thoughts on “released a day early!”

  1. Carolyn

    YAY! congratulations. Sounds like the surliness paid off? :o) glad to hear it went well

  2. Margot

    Couldn’t stand you and your boredom any more, huh?

  3. Sarah

    I think it was more a matter of appearance. He made a point of being up very early (5ish), dressed and reading in the waiting area or walking around the wards and being seen by the doctors and nurses. One of them finally noticed that he was out of bed and fairly mobile and suggested to the head doc that he be released.

What's your take on it?

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