Rockiest part of the road behind us, I hope

It’s good to be home. Sarah photographically documented these aspects of the “ordeal” (I’m being dramatic here; it was not as big a deal as I make it seem). I was initially glad we went with the Evangelisches Krankenhaus due to their proximity to our house. But after all is said and done, I’m glad to have had such a “personalized” experience. Choosing a smaller hospital definitely felt like the right choice, because I met with the surgeons* before and every day after the procedure and had direct line of communication to them via the nurses on my floor.

Surgery is not something you do for fun, but the especially the nurses in the surgery department did their best to ensure a speedy and comfortable recovery, and being home a whole day earlier than expected is proof enough for me.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: my out-of-pocket costs are 10€ per day for a hospital stay, for up to 28 days per year. I don’t know what the co-pays would have been under my HMO back in Michigan, but I wager they’d have been higher. This health care system is getting high marks in my book.

I’m thinking some day when Sarah’s out getting her voice lesson on or otherwise occupied, I’ll invite Tammy over or bring my “eggs” over to her and we’ll extract them out of their Evil Sauce and do a proper dissection.

5 thoughts on “Rockiest part of the road behind us, I hope”

  1. Hezamarie

    I guess they give everyone the sexy leggings.

    Glad you made it through the German hospital experience and you got to keep your eggs for show and tell.

    Gute Besserung!

  2. Cliff

    Thanks Hezamarie — just got back from a visit to my Hausarzt and he was pretty laissez faire about the whole thing. “You’ll figure out pretty quickly what you can eat and how much of it…”

    So I’m optimistic about Thanksgiving at Christina’s. You going? I am looking forward to more socializing than at the last meet-up. For the morbidly curious, I may even bring the stones with me (provided Tammy and I haven’t completely dissected them by then).

  3. Carolyn

    Yuck! I don’t think you’re supposed to travel with your stones to a holiday that’s main focus is mostly food. What if they fall in something of similar consistency to the Evil Sauce? Or you put them in a bowl and someone thinks “OOh, I love M&M’s. I didn’t know they made speckled peanut ones.”


  4. Hezamarie

    Yep, I am (along with Alex) going. And hopefully making something you can eat!

    That’s nice of the Hausarzt. The “try ’till you puke” approach.
    Lass dich keine Ärger. aka take it easy.

    I’m all for checking out the stones, just not over the dinner table :)

  5. rositta

    I have had gallstones for 4 years but no one believed me. I had one big attack that mimicked a heart attack just before my two month trip to Greece and Germany but I decided to take my chances. Lucky me, it was okay but now I’m am having the surgery. We don’t get to stay in hospital here, not even one night. Operation at eight and out the door by 2PM. That’s Canada’s nice “free” health care system. I almost wished I’d gone to a German hospital…Glad it went well…ciao

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