nom nom nom

Yesterday was Ersatz-Thanksgiving at Christina and Rainer and Oliver’s house. Tammy graciously drove us over to their house, even though she was very busy with lots of stuff going on at her house that day. And we got there kind of on the early side and watched all the other parties roll in. It was a good mixture of Germans and “U.S.-Amerikaner” nice bird(with a wink to Christina) and even a sprinkling of “others,” some of whom also drove us back to Regensburg. Big thanks to Penny and Chris for that — we are looking forward to seeing them and son Nathan again.

Seemed like everyone brought something to share, (especially the turkey, for which we are thankful) and I enjoyed Hezamarie’s corn-cake leftovers for breakfast very much. On to some mashed potato leftovers for lunch!

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  1. Hezamarie

    Hey, I’ll post the recipe asap so you can have it as often as you please. Very easy to put together. I have to make another decent batch for a party next weekend!

  2. […] expat bloggers in attendance, all of whom are great cooks.  O-Tay brought pumpkin soup, Sarah and Cliff brought the taters, Tammy brought a nut loaf, and Hezamarie came all the way from München with a […]

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