the requisite last-day-sunsets post

And so our Puerto Vallartan vacation draws to a close. We’ve actually done much less here this time compared with previous visits, but we’re treating this as the calm before the coming storm awaiting us in Detroit. Brian and Mikey got home to their critters OK and we’re clearing out tomorrow morning early. Really not looking forward to leaving this weather, though it will be nice to visit the Detroit peeps and get Carolyn’s matrimony on. You can view all the photos from this set here.

2 thoughts on “the requisite last-day-sunsets post”

  1. tqe / Adam

    Sometimes the best thing about vacations is doing nothing… watching the sun set.

    Safe Travels

  2. David

    Sounds like a great time though. I will be taking a trek of my own to Puerto Vallarta soon, for some relaxation and nothing else.

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