dander grammar up — plural or emasculated husbands

Are we too afraid to admit that our husbands are male in English?

The article Times Square confetti to contain New Year’s wishes at CNN.com says:

“Another person wrote that they wanted their husband to get a green card so that they could join them here in the states,” Tompkins told WABC-TV.

Look, I know we’re all squeamish about gender-specific pronouns (let alone common nouns) in English. But this article is about husbands — people who are necessarily male. Hello, English speakers? Speaking on behalf of all husbands (I feel I’m qualified here), it’s OK for you to refer to us using pronouns indicating our gender. In fact, we like it and encourage it.

I don’t know if I can really blame CNN here; presumably this awfulness came directly from Tim Tompkins, the Times Square Alliance spokesthem.

One thought on “dander grammar up — plural or emasculated husbands”

  1. Margot

    My new word: spokesthem! Bet your mother is proud.

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