The Joint

Holzländestr. 1
D-93047 Regensburg
Phone: 49 941 54605 123

Been there twice now — both times amazed by the quality and the quantity of the food for the price.

This evening we took out Tammy and Matthias for dinner, with

  • an appetizer shared among us
  • 5 beers and a mineral water
  • 4 entrees (one from the daily specials board

All for less than €50! I’m so glad Natasha and Tommy took us here on Thanksgiving 2007 for dinner!

New Year, Cupcakes, Birthday

ringing in the new yearRinging in the new year was pretty loud the other night. Germans love them some fireworks. We didn’t have to go scope out any good firework shows or seating or anything — Tammy and Matthias’ street was a happening audio-visual presentation all its own.

Since it’s my favorite wife’s birthday today, we made these cupcakes. Meine Güte, these are good. Sarah pointed out that the orange aspect of them is more of a smell than a taste. When you bite it, you get a puff of orange peel aroma right up the ol’ schnoz. It’s a good thing.

Oh, and another good thing: Matthias’ pizza dough. He whipped us up some pizza on NYE (which, along with some good-luck-lentils and a family chicken soup and our apple crisp made for a very eclectic meal). I’m going to be bogarting that recipe for sure.