How to make the BIL squirm

Colin recently moved out and got his own apartment in another state starting a career for we which we should all be thankful. But I still couldn’t resist.

I think back fondly upon my single, bachelor, roommate-less days, but I sure don’t miss ’em. Especially not this week while Sarah’s out of town back to the U.S. for another wedding (and if we make it back for Phil and Maureen’s, that will be three returns to the U.S. in three years for three weddings) and I’m batchin’ it again. This will be the longest stretch we’ve been apart since getting married 3 years ago.

2 thoughts on “How to make the BIL squirm”

  1. rositta

    It’s kind of tough when the spouse goes away. The longest mine was gone was 6 months, he in Greece me over here. After that it was 6 weeks every year with his family in Greece while I stayed here and took care of my Mom. Now probably we will always travel together, much more fun that way. Even after 24 years I still missed him…ciao

  2. Tammy

    Don’t enable Matthias is buying a Mac while we are away! It’s so weird to be in Austin and NOT be at the Yoga training….

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