experimental culinary basics

Sarah predicted I’d have a Döner for dinner every night while she’s traveling to and from the States and I’m here in Regensburg. So far, she’s been right; but not because I can’t or don’t want to cook. It’s this 60+ hour work week that is getting in the way. I can only shop on the weekend when everything closes at 8 but I’m still at work or on the way home and when I did get home from work over the course of the week before 8 p.m., I’ve honestly been too tired to scrounge something together.

That changed this morning. I had a lovely breakfast of two fried eggs and some improvised Schmorkartoffeln*. These were based on a potato left over from one of the last meals Sarah and I made before her trip and half a stowaway onion. Instinct told me Bratkartoffeln need butter, pepper (I really dig the coursely ground stuff Sarah found) and a little sage. I had that all going when I spied the onions lurking, trying to blend in on the counter. Next time (provided I buy another potato), I’ll start by sauteeing the onion before adding the potato wedges.

See? I won’t starve. Nor will I get take out or hit a restaurant for every meal not at work. Today I’m working from home (OK, not this very second, but soon) waiting around the house for the DHL dude to arrive with a belated Christmas/birthday present for our apartment.