must have hit a home run here.

grey_pants_green_shirt_blue_tie Got several compliments on this outfit today.

Of course, I was posing like this all day too, so that may have influenced it.

6 thoughts on “must have hit a home run here.”

  1. Mom

    I hope Sarah gets home before you do a complete JC Penney menswear spread.

  2. Cliff

    Thanks Mom. I’m not sure how to take that.

    a complete JC Penney menswear spread.

    By the way, remember those brown pants I got that are kind of pseudo-cordoroy? I think the brand is St. John’s Bay. SUPER comfortable. They just fit right. They look good with a dress shirt over them (wore them to CRP’s rehearsal dinner, remember?), but I think they look even better under a tee shirt and sweatshirt.

    And I got $10 off thanks to your coupon if memory serves. Thanks Mom!

  3. Sarah

    You’re doing pretty well on the dressing yourself, chief. Although I must concur with your mom – your modeling skillz are less haute couture and more Jacques Pennee.

  4. Hezamarie

    Underneath that shimmering green ‘Hemd’ is a big “S”.


  5. MaryW

    Have they changed wedding ring fingers since I’ve been single?? ;~)

  6. Cliff

    @MaryW: Probably not, but:

    • Germans tend to wear the wedding rings on their right ring fingers, and
    • My ring fingers are both too small to support my rings anymore, so I had to switch to beefier fingers.

    Nice catch!

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