ScribeFire 1.4.2

Careful, this is going to get geeky.  I’ll try to do something less so toward the end to round it out.

Been a long time since I sat down here to post. Works been beatin’ me up pretty hard. But I had a short chat with the new Bossmann today (don’t get those very often) and it was inspiring.

If anything can motivate me to post on my blog, however, it’s something geeky. Like ScribeFire. I was perusing Kimsal’s brother’s blog after coming home this evening from watching “Unsere Erde” at Cinemax this evening with Sarah & Tammy & Matthias.  I noticed a little “powered by ScribeFire” thingie in his post and was immediately intrigued.

So much so that I’m using ScribeFire to write this very post.  It appears to be a built-into-your-browser WYSIWYG (and plain text for those of us who do their own HTML) editor offering compatibility with different popular blog formats (WordPress, Blogger, etc.) through your blog’s API.  It’s got lots of integration with other web services out there, such as bookmarks and technorati tagging and neat stuff like that.  I don’t use those things too terribly much (but maybe I should).  I suppose its biggest perk is offering a standardized — and yet usable — GUI for me the writer, no matter how many different blogging services I use.  It’s true; I only have one, but I have hope that I’ll discover that this nifty Firefox add-on will let me skirt the awful comments form on Blogger-hosted blogs.  Those things are so awful.  I thought Google tried not to be evil — seems like they missed the boat there.

And now for the less geeky part…here’s one of the pro photos from my sister’s wedding in December.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of them.

Powered by ScribeFire.

4 thoughts on “ScribeFire 1.4.2”

  1. Cliff

    Note: the tags I used on my post didn’t take (I added them after the fact), but to be fair, I’m two minor-minor versions behind bleeding-edge-current on my WordPress installation. There’s still promise here. I’m overdue for an upgrade anyway.

  2. Michael Kimsal

    Cool Cliff! Glad to hear it’s working out for you. Tags are working on my version, so it might be a version issue for you. Either way, it’s a slick little program. I don’t use it exclusively, but it’s been handy in a few cases, and I can see I’ll probably grow to use it more.

  3. Cliff

    Really? Tags are working for you? And not just manifesting themselves as categories? That’s the behavior I was seeing – I’d tag my posts written with ScribeFire and they’d show up as “category’d” – and I seem to recall, when upgrading to WordPress 2.2 or 2.3 that I opted to keep Categories and Tag separate (though I used an included script to convert my existing post-category combinations into post-tag combinations).

    That’s my only beef with ScribeFire so far – that, and it doesn’t help me edit any existing posts (as far as I can tell) or use it to comment on anyone else’s blogs. At first glimpse, I had high hopes for getting around the awful user interface Google offers to commenters on Blogger-hosted blogs.

  4. Michael Kimsal

    Sorry, you’re right. I was thinking of ‘categories’, not ‘tags’. :(

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