ALERT! snobbery limits exceeded

I had a grilled Chavroux sandwich for breakfast this morning.  It was awesome.  Sarah found that they sell it in slices now at some local grocery store.  Same great goat flavor, just easier to work with now.  My immediate thoughts as my  brain processed the delicate tang were

“I need to make a croque-monsieur with this stuff.”

Consider it my next mission. 

In other culinary delight news, we cracked open the Get Well Soon package from pal Sara from my surgery back in November and took the Roasterie‘s Holiday Blend for a spin.  Yummy.  And I don’t say that about many American coffees.  Seems the owner of the company is from the same neighborhood as Sarah — hard to get down-homier than that.  This was the grind intended for automatic drip makers, but it worked just fine in our French Press.  I might ask the in-laws to bring a few pounds with them later this spring if they can swing it in their luggage.

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  1. Cliff

    For the geeks reading this:

    I have determined that the ScribeFire Firefox plugin I’ve been trying out is pretty slick, but it truly is confusing “Tags” with “Categories” in the WordPress nomenclature. Wonder if there’s a work-around for that. I suspect that it’s a versioning thing – native tagging in WordPress hasn’t been around all that long (only since 2.3, I think) and that might be the only reason that ScribeFire doesn’t support it yet. It tough out here on the bleeding edge.

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