Let the promoting begin.

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I’ve hit that critical-mass 10-tie threshhold, thanks to a sale at Strauss.  I bought three more ties (the red one, the shiny taupey one, and the periwinkle one in honor of ex-coworker Jan) plus a nice navy blue shirt (oddly I didn’t have one already).  Here’s the kicker:  it’s an XL (only one ‘X’ there!).  And a European XL at that!

If you need casual wear, ties, or shirts, I recommend hitting Strauss ASAP.  I got two ties for €7,95 each (marked down from €15,90 each) and a tie-friendly work shirt (I hesitate to call it a dress shirt, but it’s really as close as I come) for a hair over €10 marked down from €29,90.

I would have gotten some sweet khaki cargo pants for about €7, but they didn’t have any in my size.

2 thoughts on “Let the promoting begin.”

  1. Mom

    If you would put a green one in there, you could do a ROY G BIV arrangement! Good for you on the XL size. Macy’s had a lot to offer yesterday–Dockers buy one get one free! I was thinking of you.

  2. Cliff

    There are two green ones in there! One is kind of Bavarian green (I got it a couple years ago at a traditional clothing store in Munich called the Dirndl-Eck) and the other one is kind of olive green.

    I’m actually OK on pants for the present — the Terror of Gesandenstraße‘s mommy is going out of business, so I should be getting more use out of my pants before having to retire them. Still, they don’t hold up to daily commuter bike riding as well as I wish.

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