Vacancy *blink* Vacancy

If anyone is considering a European trip this year and you want to come see us, please let us know relatively soon. We already have one definite set of guests (hi Mom & Dad!) and two more tentative pairs of visitors. We don’t need your completed itinerary; just drop us an e-mail or comment here on the blog if you’ve considering coming to our neck of the woods. We like aiding in travel planning and having some kind of heads-up will allow us to get an idea of our schedule over the next few months.

2 thoughts on “Vacancy *blink* Vacancy”

  1. B.

    We just had most of our summer fill up with guests… and it’s barely March. I’m not sure I’m happy about it, but barring moving to somewhere like Iraq next, I suppose it comes with the territory.

  2. Cliff

    We’ve had or will have:

    • buds over to visit for Oktoberfest 2004
    • my mom over to visit in Feb. 2005
    • buds over to visit for Thanksgiving 2005
    • my dad for spring skiing in early 2006
    • Sarah’s cousins visiting in summer 2006
    • my sister and then-fiancé-now-husband for Thanksgiving 2006
    • nobody visited in 2007
    • Sarah’s parents in May 2008
    • Sarah’s aunt and uncle in June 2008
    • my aunt and uncle in August 2008

    I guess when it rains, it pours — at least in Regensburg (and it’s pouring right now). Is that how it’s been for you as well, B.?

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