Dresden, here we come

Sarah and I have nailed down our vacation plans for the coming week. We’re headed to Dresden for 4 days of exploring a new (to us) place that used to be a separate country without having to change currencies, language (much), or even get on a plane.

We’re doing it all via public ground transportation. Dresden’s pretty famous for that.

We head out Tuesday morning early on on a train to Hof, where we transfer to a train to Dresden. Oddly, connections on local/inter-regional (read: slower, older, noisier) trains were faster (not to mention cheaper) than connections on new, modern, clean, quiet ICE trains. Go figure.

When we get there, we’ll be staying at the Radisson. Sarah found a deal on Expedia.de. Let’s hope this works out better than the last one of those we tried — we booked what looked like a sweet room at the Le Meridien Russell Square in London and found out the the hotel was in the process of becoming worthy of the Le Meridien name. In other words, the room was pretty much a dump. Our pocket guide to Dresden puts the Radisson in the “Luxus” class though, so our hopes are still pretty high.

While we’re there, we plan on our usual exploration and reporting activities. But this time, we’re meeting up with pseudo-locals: B., the webmistress over at eurotrippen.com, who has lived there for some time and has already given us numerous tips.

Watch this space; the Radisson has free internet access, so a daily update should be possible.